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 To the sports world at large, I am Malachi and this is SPORTS 101! I will be
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Players Plus Nightclubs Could Equal Arrest 
It is wonderful that the 2013 NFL season is weeks away because some players do not know how to behave during the off season. Especially when it comes to players deciding to hang out at nightclubs and bars. 
Ray Lewis
  Maybe NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL owners need to sit down and add prohibitions concerning players going to nightclubs and bars because the results are sometimes detrimental to players.  I believe  that Nightclubs and bars have not been good to players, where consumption of alcohol leads to violent behavior. Adam “Pacman” Jones can attest to that. Even high profile players such as Ray Lewis, Plexico Burress and the beloved Adrian Peterson, who was eventually cleared, got into trouble with the law hanging out at nightclubs and bars.  In addition, players are racking up DUI’s and marijuana possessions. 
Currently, under the NFL code of personal conduct policy “Any Covered Person arrested for or charged with conduct prohibited by this policy will be required to
undergo a consultation and additional counseling as directed. Failure to comply with the consultation and counseling (...) shall itself be conduct detrimental to the National Football League and shall be punishable by fine or suspension at the discretion of the Commissioner.” There have already been 28 arrests of active NFL players, majority for DUI’s and marijuana possession.
News and Notes:
The Forty Niners traded wide receiver A.J. Jenkins, their 2012 first round pick to the Kansas City Chiefs for their former first round receiver Jon Baldwin. Baldwin has just 41 catches for 579 yards and two touchdowns through two NFL seasons.
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