Monday, August 26, 2013

Malachi's Sports 101

To the sports world at large, I am Malachi and this is sports 101! I will be educating you about issues surrounding sports from my perspective and giving you insight into the big games.

Class is now in session!

Malachi Sports Blogger
The Warriors Will Succeed!
I would bet my last dollar that the Golden State Warriors finish in the upper half of the Western Conference playoff positions. They do not have to worry about the Kobe Bryantless Los Angeles Lakers, They are now ready to handle the Los Angeles Clippers, and you know the Denver Nuggets are scared of the sight of the Warriors’ logo after the Warriors ran them out of the playoffs.
There is high expectation for the 2013 Golden State Warriors and  
their fans are ready to rock the Oracle Arena once again.
Stephen Curry
They no longer have to prove themselves and now can let go of their saying “We Belong.” They finished with the sixth seed in playoffs, knocked off the favorite Denver Nuggets in six games, battled with the San Antonio Spurs but lost in six. They have a growing super star in Stephen Curry who set a NBA record for three pointers (272) in a single season. They have an all star power forward in David Lee and young talents in Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes. They also signed former all star Andre Iguodala to a four year deal and center Jermaine O’Neal to a one year deal.

Get ready NBA teams, because here the Curry brothers ! Stephen Curry and Seth Curry!
Stephen Curry

Seth Curry

News and Notes:
The Golden State Warriors signed undrafted guard Seth Curry, Stephen Curry’s little brother, to compete for a spot on the team. He averaged 17.5 points per game for the Duke Blue Devils last season.
Thought Pro Athletes Would Be Set For Life?
It must be great being a NFL or NBA player with all the million dollar deals and endorsement money. I tell you if I was a NBA player, I would be set for life. At least I thought so until I was educated about the average professional athlete’s financial woes.
Well over 60% of professional athletes file for Bankruptcy towards the end of their career.They overspend, mismanage their finances, make poor investment and give away a lot of money to family and friends. In Sum, they spend and splurge like if they have 12 months to live.

Antoine Walker
For example, former NBA basketball player Antoine Walker, who made over $110 million over his career is now broke at 33 years old. All the NBA and endorsement money is long gone. You can blame his lavish lifestyle, the million dollar homes, condos, luxury vehicles, and his giving heart for his current financial situation.

Not only is he millions of dollars in debt, he is facing felony check fraud charges in Las Vegas according to Shira Springer of The Boston Globe.,198509

In conclusion, I would have been broke as a joke like the majority of athletes I watched on TV growing up. What a dream!

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