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Is There a Connection Between PED’s and Concussions?

By Garry Malachi Scott- I can’t blame the NFL for their enforcement of penalties concerning helmet to helmet hits for player’s safety and for financial reasons. I believe in penalties on the field when it comes to illegal hits. I also believe in penalties off the field when it comes to players violating the league’s substance abuse policy concerning PED’s (Performance Enhancing Drugs). PED’s lead to more concussions, which lead to more money towards players’ health care and lawsuits against the NFL.
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With players becoming bigger, stronger, and faster in comparison to the early NFL, I wonder if there is a link between PED’s and brain injuries in today’s NFL. The new breed of NFL players are knocking each other almost unconscious.
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According to Concussion Watch, there was an average of 9.2 weekly reported concussions in the NFL during the 2012 season. Not to mention the unreported concussions that teams failed to report.
There have been 17 NFL suspensions this year due to violations of the league’s substance abuse policy, specifically performance enhancing drugs.
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Keep in mind that this is not counting players who are appealing the NFL’s decision in their case, such as All Pro Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller.
Key players to NFL teams are suspended through the first four games such as Daryl Washington of the Arizona Cardinals, Justin Blackmon of the Jacksonville Jaguars, and Bruce Irvine of the Seattle Seahawks.  That's all folks          



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