Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sports and Politics

Jae Michael KPFA Sports Producer

My name is Jae Michael and I'm the new Sports Producer 
at KPFA 94.1  FM in Berkeley, CA. and I received an opportunity to work on project 's like this one,   "Sports."
 So welcome to my blog ,"Sports and Politics" a take off to the
broadcast show on KPFA where I give two Min Sports Headlines News, Sports and Political real issue's, and now this blog, Where I will share the truth, interviews, educated the public, and give my thought's  the on topic.  Also sharing this blog with me is Gary M. Scott.

Hey, let's just do it! People may say that sports and politics don’t mix, but I beg to differ. I know it's hard to believe or to wrap your intellectual mind around it, but sports is part of life and life is one big political issue. 
"Girl Please"

Create the end of July


Darriues Moore Raiders CD

It's the end of July and the end of mini training camps so let's sum it up with who going to pop off this season. I'm checking out the Raiders wide receiver, number 17, Darriues Moore who’s looking extremely fit & healthy, but “I'm no doctor and this is still OTA”. Moore led the Raiders receivers last year with 51 receptions for 741 yards and seven touchdowns. However Moore got benched during a game late last season for lackluster plays. Now coach Dennis Allen  said,"He's a guy that we're counting on being our No. 1 receiver,"  I would feel the same way Coach Allen after losing, receiver Darrius Heyward and tight end Brandon Myers this off season. Moore is looking good, but like I said “I'm no doctor and this is still OTA camp”.

 Anquan Boldin SF 49ers
On the other side of Bay at the SF 49er’s OTA camp I did not get a good look at all of the wide receivers. However Anquan Boldin wide receiver, did caught my eyes he show off his skills during the San Francisco 49ers practice catching all passes thrown in his direction making it look easy. I think 49ers got them a keeper. Not only is Anquan working hard on the field he is also working hard to bring awareness to human right issues in Washington DC. Boldin has been a long-time advocate of human rights issues in Africa. Boldin spoke to members of Congress about destitute farmers he encountered in Africa, working on land where gold was in abundance.You have these people who literally live on top of gold and they see no benefits from it,” to me it's so refreshing to see when athletes take the spotlight off themselves and on a real cause. I'm glad that Anquan is taking  a stand, most athletes are so focus on their careers and what is portray in the media about them, they forget sometimes they have the upper hand to do something good for others when the cameras is on them  Good job Anquan.

AIM-WEST Director Antonio Gonzales

AIM-WEST Director Antonio Gonzales he file a claim complaint of Discrimination with the SF Human Rights Commission (over two years ago!) because he and other American Indians and allies e offended. He is a citizen of SF, homeowner, American Indian (Comca'Ac) a disabled Vietnam veteran (68-69), and he believe the SF Giants baseball team are also complicit in racism when the Atlanta Braves come to town depicting Indigenous culture (logo, tomahawk chop, singing, etc.) Negatively. More specific, the City is in violation of the UN General Assembly resolution adopted on September 2007, called the "Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples". I think teams that are name after indigenous people should change there names to fit the city form which they came form. It has been know that there was one football team that has change there name...1930 until 1972, Stanford's sports teams had been known as the Indians,Prince Light foot (portrayed by Timm Williams, a member of the (Yurok tribe) was the official mascot. But in 1972,Native American students and staff members successfully lobbied University President Richard Lyman to abolish the "Indian" name along with what they had come to perceive as an offensive and demeaning mascot. Stanford's teams reverted unofficially to the name "Cardinal", the color that had represented the school before 1930.   To read more

Jae's Comment

Well I guest If Stanford's teams can unofficially changed their name, some other teams can follow suit. like; the Los Angeles Aztecs and my favorite The Washington Redskins. Your right it sound bad,but in their defense maybe some of these sports teams names and mascots that derived from ethnic groups of peoples is giving gratitude to the people that was here before them or Maybe some professional teams think if they change their names, there fans may not recognize them," Right"  Now you know that's not true, there are loyal fans out there and they do not care if the names of their teams is change. They will still follow their favorite individual athlete and team to the ends of time. Theses loyal fans made complain a little but overall they do not care. If their team was call Cock-a-doodle-do they would dress up like a rooster and be at every game cheering their teams on. However let's cut out belittling a race of people for a buck ii is disgraceful and  stealing their identity now that's just wrong... isn't it just about the game and fun. Wake up people you are not here on this earth by yourself.

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