Friday, September 20, 2013

CTE: The Settlement Is In

Jae Michael

  People may say that sports and politics don’t mix, but I beg to differ. I know it's hard to believe or to wrap your intellectual mind around it, but sports is part of life and life is one big political issue. 
"Girl Please"
Former 49ers George Visger
Kraig Debro Blogger
Let's just do this…I had a discussion with Kraig Debro the Blogger of Barber Shop 2 and George Visger, former San Fransisco 49ers Lineman, earlier this month at the KPFA studio about some of the NFL players that sued the NFL for compensation from head injuries and a brain disease called CTE.  Now CTE is a disease that some people get from  mutability concussion that you mostly find in football players. Now some of the symptoms from CTE are depression, mood swings, anxiety, memory loss and, in some cases, suicide and murder. Early in the discussion we talk about who should pick up the bill and they both believe the NFL should.

George Visger holding up a pic of his brain
Well, the settlement is in and, yes, the NFL players won their case. 765 millions dollars will be awarded to players and their families that sued the NFL for compensation. Now I wanted to know how much each player is going to receive. So I had George Visger back on the show because he was one of the players that was in that class action lawsuit. He told KPFA that each player was going to received 750 dollars a month over the next 10 years and some of them may be dead before the money is awarded to them.
 Note: If so, I really think that is dead wrong (no pun intended).

Moving on, I do not know if some of these players are on more than just marijuana like crack to flush their dreams and careers down the toilet they work so hard to get. Do you think that some of these players need babysitters until they get old enough to think for themselves? San Francisco 49ers  Aldon Smith was arrested for a DUI after crashing into someone's yard. It was reported that the pro-linebacker was released from jail Friday after his pickup truck apparently struck a tree, and he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and marijuana possession. Authorities said that Smith later took to the practice field with his teammates Friday afternoon where he was arrested.

Aldon Smith 49ers Linebacker
Note: The 49ers must be hard up to win the next game (and I know that is not the case) for them not to punish this kid. Aldon needs to take responsibility for his action and not play the game. BTW, the 49ers and the Colts are playing this weekend.

I hope they do something afterwards to help this kid grow up


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