Friday, September 6, 2013

Malachi's Sports 101

Malachi - Sports Blogger
To the sports world at large, I am Malachi and this is Sports 101. I will be educating you about issues surrounding sports from my perspective and giving you insight into the big games.

Is Marijuana A Part of Recovery? 

J.R. Smith
The NBA announced Friday that New York Knicks' guard J.R. Smith has been suspended for five games without pay for violating the NBA Anti-Drug Program.The length of the suspension seems to indicate it was over marijuana.

I guess we can assume that he likes a substance that is green and sticky, although the league did not discuss the manner in which he violated.

Smith has been suspended many times in the past. He was even suspended for a car crash that killed a passenger in 2007 that resulted in a 90 day prison sentence.

Although Smith will miss a part of the season due to his off-season knee surgery, the league will activate the suspension as soon as he is cleared to play. Well, Knicks fans shouldn't trip because Carmelo Anthony doesn't mind hot dogging, scoring 40 points per game but yet losing in the first round of the playoffs.

Harbaugh Is Protecting 'Kap'

Jim Harbaugh
San Francisco 49ers' head coach, Jim Harbaugh, is already playing offense for his team, seeking clarity with the league's officials about quarterback hits when running the read-option.

Well a video has been released by the vice president of officiating, Dean Blandino, explaining that quarterbacks will be treated as running backs when running the read-option plays.

"The quarterback and the running back, they're both treated as runners. We don't know who has the football, we don't know who's going to take it, so both players are treated as runners," Blandino said.

However, he also when on to say that if the quarterback is outside the pocket, he is clearly out of the play and he cannot be unnecessarily contacted.

Harbaugh knows that he must protect Colin Kaepernick in the game against Green Bay because of the Packers' outside line backer Clay Matthews' statements on ESPN radio, claiming the way to defend the read-option is to hit the quarterback every time he fakes the run.

"Before he's declared to being a runner, he should be afforded the protection that all quarterbacks are afforded until he declares and gets out of the pocket and starts running with the ball or running an option or carrying out a bootleg and attempting to run or pass when he's outside the pocket," Coach Harbough said.

Well, if I was Harbaugh I would be concerned too after the way Kaepernick ran all over the Packers in last year's divisional round of the playoffs. Kaepernick set a NFL postseason record for quarterback rushing yards in a game, rushing for 181 yards against the Packers.

NBA Player Arrested

Jared Sullinger
Can you imagine if there was an NBA episode of cheaters? Well,if a camera was present during the latest NBA player's domestic abuse, you would have seen it.

Jared Sullinger has recently bailed out of jail for $5,000 for pinning his girlfriend to the bed and to the floor, and for snatching and smashing her cellphone when she tried to call the police. The police report claims that Sullinger's girlfriend "tried several times to get up, but he kept pinning her down and would not let her up."

The assault to place after his girlfriend accused him of cheating on her.

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