Tuesday, September 17, 2013

News From Around the NHL: G Tim Thomas Given Try Out with Florida Panthers

Photo Credit: TSN CA
 One of the most controversial hockey players of the past few years has been goaltender Tim Thomas.  In January of 2012, he made headlines by refusing to go to Boston's Stanley Cup celebration with President Obama (no other player missed the event).  At the time, Thomas cited his disapproval of the government.  Thomas also refused to play last season, leaving the Bruins and Islanders on the hook for his contract.

This year, the Florida Panthers have decided to invite Thomas to their pre-season camp.  Thomas boasts a pedigree (two Vezinas and a Conn Smythe) the Panthers, who gave up the most goals in the NHL last season, cannot pass up on.

Thomas brings to mind another Tim: Tim Tebow.  One main difference would be that, arguably, Tebow doesn't have the consistency or versatility to be a professional athlete.  Thomas, on the other hand, has shown longevity by virtue of a fourteen year NHL career (with time in the Finnish leagues, as well).  Like Tebow with Focus on the Family, Thomas also has a conservative affiliation: the Tea Party.  And, arguably, both have been praised -- and perhaps protected -- because of their right-wing politics.  Tebow has been given chance after chance to be a regular in the NFL.  We'll see what happens with Thomas.  At age 39, time is not on his side.

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