Saturday, September 14, 2013

Protest Against Washington NFL Team This Sunday

Image Courtesty of SB Nation
While Bay Area NFL fans will be tuning in this Sunday to see how the 49ers and Raiders fare, there might be another game that will interest folks.  This Sunday, members of Oneida Nation will be protesting the Green Bay Packers game against Washington.

Recently, journalists from the Washington Post, USA Today, and Forbes magazine (in addition to other outlets) have come on record as opposing the use of the term the Washington NFL team uses to label itself.  The "R word" is known as a derogatory term, though some claim otherwise. 

A month ago, there was a protest in Oakland in opposition the visiting Cleveland MLB team.  For me, the timing of the protests is interesting.  While groups have opposed the use of indigenous people as mascots for many years (and the ugly politics behind such an act), it seems as if more members of the mainstream media are finally taking a stand. 

Whether or not we will see coverage of Oneida Nation's protest during the Sunday NFL broadcasts is another story.

Image Courtesy of AIM-WEST

Oneida Nation: Change the Mascot

Written by Guest Blogger: Toni

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