Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sergio Romo's New Ice Cream "Only Tastes Illegal"

While pitcher Sergio Romo has been with the San Francisco Giants for five years, the reliever only gained notoriety last postseason as San Francisco surprised the baseball world in their run to the championship.  Romo, formerly a set up man in the shadows of closer Brian Wilson, was one of several "underdog" stars to emerge for the Giants in 2012 (Marco Scutaro being another).

During the Giants' championship parade, Romo gained media attention for donning a t-shirt that said "I Only Look Illegal."  The T-shirt sparked conversation about immigration and belonging.  Romo, raised in Brawley, California, is the son of Mexican farmworkers.  He has spoken against SB 1070 in Arizona and has mentioned personally being stopped by Arizona police.  Regarding the "Illegal" shirt, Romo has been quoted as saying: "I've been humbly put on a stage, a platform, and it was more of a statement to prove it doesn't matter who you are, what you've done in your life, the color of your skin. Everyone should get treated the same."

Yesterday, Romo, in conjunction with organic ice cream company Three Twins, will be sponsoring an ice cream flavor of Mexican chocolate (traditionally made with hints of cinnamon).  The tagline is: "It only tastes illegal."  It will be sold in grocery outlets like Whole Foods.  It'll be interesting to see what conversations follow the promotion of the product.

Thanks to Franklin for the heads-up about this story.

Written by Toni

Photo Credit: NBC Bay Area Sports, LatinoSports.com


Sergio Romo and Three Twins

Sergio Romo, Team Mexico, and Arizona

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