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Major Broadcasting Figures Call for Washington NFL Name Change

Source: Oneida Nation
This past Sunday, Bob Costas became one of a long list of influential figures who has come out in support of changing the name of the Washington football team.  While I don't agree with all that he said during his commentary (Costas believes the Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Braves, and other teams with Native American mascots are innocuous in their use), I applaud him for using his considerable influence to keep the lightning rod issue front and center.

Costas said: "R-dskins can't possibly honor a heritage or a noble character trait.  Nor can it possibly be considered a neutral term.  It's an insult, a slur, no matter how benign the present day intent.  It's fair to say that for a long time now and, certainly in 2013, no offense has been intended.  But, if you take a step back, isn't it clear to see how offense might legitimately be taken?"

Cris Collingsworth, another long-time NFL broadcaster, has also vocalized his support for the name change.  He stated: “I have a feeling if it were the blackskins, the brownskins, the name would have already been changed...You don’t name something after something derogatory. You wouldn’t name your child something derogatory. You wouldn’t name your team something derogatory... [I]n this day and age, R-dskins just doesn’t work.”  If major figures within the sporting world are openly criticizing the use of the term "R-dskins", it means Dan Snyder's fight to preserve the racist name is a losing battle.

David Letterman and Bill O'Reilly also weighed in on the matter a few nights ago, with Letterman mocking O'Reilly's disregard of the injustices Native American people have faced.

President Obama has also stated that he would consider changing the Washington name.  Oklahoma Republican politician Tom Cole opposes the use of the term, which suggests the issue offends people of all political affiliations.

Written by: Toni

Bob Costas Clip
Washington Post: Cris Collingsworth

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Malachi Sports 101

Malachi-Sports Blogger

I am Malachi and this is Sports 101! I will be educating you about sports and issues surrounding players and teams that we either love or hate. To the sports world, where would we be without sports? We probably would be a third world country living as savages!

No Honey For Golden Bears! The Cougars Stole It! 

Jarod Goff
The defense of the California Golden Bears football team continues to be a liability as they fell to Washington State Cougars 44-22.The Bears gave up 522 yards passing, as Washington State's quarterback Connor Holliday had the second best passing game in their school history.
In every game this year, the Bears' defense have giving up over 500 yards in total offense. In defense for the Bears' defense, they loss their best defensive player in defensive end Chris Mccain to suspension and played with only three healthy corner backs.They lost corner back Stefan McClure and Joel Willis during the game as well as linebacker Jalen Jefferson. Safety Alex Logan retired from the game due to medical reasons. There is nothing that demonstrates the Cal's defense will get better this year. Quarterbacks are putting up record numbers against them and all coach Sonny Dykes can do is build from the pieces that he has in place. Dykes recognizes the state of the morale of his team. “When you are a very fragile team without a lot of confidence it probably has a big impact on you,” Dykes said.
Freshman quarterback Jared Goff continues to show flashes of brilliance and head scratching mistakes. He threw for 489 yards for his third 400 yard passing game this season and wide receiver Chris Harper had 13 receptions for 216 yards and a touchdown.

Turn Over The Texans!

Tramaine Brock's Interception

The San Francisco 49ers abused the Houston Texans in Candle Stick Park 34-3, thank to Tramaine Brock's two interceptions.Early in the game Brock read Texan's quarterback Matt Schaub's eyes and jumped on a pass attended for Texan's wide receiver Andre Johnson, intercepted the pass and ran it in for a pick six.

49ers' quarterback Colin Kaepernick did not have a good game, throwing for 113 yards and a touchdown. However,the running game got going as Frank Gore ran for 81 yards and a touchdown, and Anthony Dixon ran for a touchdown also.

The 49ers defense created five turnovers, which lead to Texans' quarterback Schaub being pulled out of the game. "That's what we're striving for, turnovers," Brock commented. "We got them, I just did my job and tried to step up.

Monday, October 14, 2013



Statement from the San Francisco 49ers:

"The 49ers organization learned this morning that an accident occurred involving a driver as he delivered materials to the stadium. Our sincerest thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends and co-workers affected by this tragedy." 

This is in light of A driver of a delivery truck was killed Monday morning in an accident at the construction site for the San Francisco 49ers' new stadium in Santa Clara. The driver was unloading materials from the truck.when a bundle of rebar fell on the victim, who was an employee of subcontractor Gerdau Ameristeel. 
Construction work at the stadium site has been halted for the day. The accident is under investigation.

Skelton  out. Thompson is in:

Last week, the 49ers signed quarterback John Skelton and waived rookie B.J. Daniels in a shuffle of third-string quarterbacks behind Colin Kaepernick and Colt McCoy. This week, it’s Skelton that’s out.
The NFL’s daily transaction release brought news that San Francisco claimed quarterback McLeod Bethel-Thompson off of waivers from the Vikings and waived Skelton. Bethel-Thompson was waived by Minnesota when they signed Josh Freeman earlier this week.

Obama said if he was a owner of a football team.....

.....and the name is offensive to a sizable group of people he would change the name. This is in reference to the Washington Redskins.

Friday, October 4, 2013


OK, let's do this I been told that I really did not touch on the topic of  Aldon Smith and his drunken ways.
ALDON SMITH San Francisco 49ers  Linebacker
Here it goes, I do not know what action my 49ers team should have taken when one of their football players start acting like a fool getting drunk and smashing their car into a tree. Of course you give him another chance to clean up his act, you would show the same kindness if it was your child.  On other hand maybe you're just tried, tired, tried of another player sorry accuse.  When they first get in trouble with the cops, drugs or in some case, shooting someone.  Once the team find out  they  just pushes it under the rug, instead of taking action right way, they wait until something serious goes wrong like death..then they really want to do something about it.  However punishment still to not come, they find every-way to keep their golden goose on the team especially if they making money for them.
You do not have to hold your breath for long "wait for it" a statement and a PSA commercial for AAA, MADD, or any organize that will help clean up their images. Now I listen to Aldon Smith "I'm sorry" statement and it sounded like he is truly sorry but sorry do not kill the pain. The world just have to wait until he show his ass off again. However the 49ers did take action and got him some treatment. I hope he stays out of trouble.

  The 49ers announced that they have sign OB John Skelton to a one year deal . Skelton was originally selected by Arizona Cardinals the fifth round  2010 draft. Let's listen to what Jim Harbaugh had to say about the the release of QB  BJ Daniels to the move of bringing in QB John Sketon in and we all can know why the move was made.



Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Malachi Sports 101

Malachi -Sports Blogger
I am Malachi and this is Sports 101! I will be educating you about sports and issues surrounding players and teams that we either love or hate. To the sports world, hate is good because it is fuel that drives our sports engine. So be a playa hata!

Where is the Fight!

49ers defense are struggling against the run - TheGuardian Photo
Have you ever got excited to watch a boxing match and the fight ended so fast because one of the boxers got knocked into next week in the first? That's what the San Francisco 49ers verses the Indianapolis Colts game looked like.

The 49ers got punched in the mouth again and didn't fight back, losing to the Colts 27-7. It was like 49ers' quarterback Colin Kaepernick was trying to fight with both hands behind his back because his receivers couldn't get open if their lives depended on it. In Kaepernick's last two games he posted a 32,2 passer rating, committing six turnovers.

I guess that's what happens when you're playing without Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree, and Mario Manningham due to injury, which are the leading receivers from last year. It's like going to a gun fight with a knife. Not the right weapon!

What happen to the 49ers' defense? They let the soft Colts' offensive line man handle them at the line of scrimmage. The Colt seemed like they can part the Red Sea the way they opened holes against one of the best run defenses in recent years. The Colts racked up 179 rushing yards.

"We felt flat," cornerback Tarell Brown said. "We felt flat and looked flat."

Is Taking Candy From a Baby Really Wrong?

Peyton Manning picking apart the Raiders' secondary
SBNation Photo
Well, the Oakland Raiders got their candy, baby bottle, and their rattle taken from them by the Denver Broncos, falling 37-21.

Really the Raiders knew they were in for it playing the Broncos.They couldn't get any pass rush and they gave up 179 yards after the catch. Their secondary got torched and their confidence was knocked out of them early.

Broncos' quarterback Payton Manning went 32 for 37 for 374 yards.

Quarterback Terrelle Pryor and corner back Tracy Porter had concussions after the beating they took by the Broncos.

Broncos! Please give the Raiders their candy back!

Playoff Bound

Josh Donaldson -SFGate Photo
The Oakland Athletics are going to the post season once again with one of the major league's lowest payrolls. They only have four players earning over $5 million. They finished second in the American league in with a 3.59 earned run average

Third baseman Josh Donaldson had a breakout season, posting a .307 batting average, with 92 RBI's, and 24 home-runs. They also had a good season out of Coco Crisp, who hit 22 home-runs and drove in 65 runs from the lead off position.

The Athletics has the most wins in the major league in the last two years with 187 victories.

General Manager definitely deserves manager of the year honors with he has done with another low payroll A's team.

Rapper M.I.A. Sued by NFL

Football fans no doubt remember the halftime show of the 2012 Super Bowl.  Madonna, accompanied by M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj, performed the song "Give Me All Your Luvin'."  During the performance, M.I.A. was seen giving the middle finger to the camera.  (It happened so quickly, I missed it myself.)
Courtesy of Getty Images 
Well, the NFL, in response to the finger gesture, has decided to sue the rapper for the tidy sum of $1.5 million dollars.  The lawsuit began in 2012 but M.I.A. and her legal representatives have only released this information to the public recently.

The NFL, in an attempt to justify the lawsuit, has claimed the rapper showed a "flagrant disregard for the values that form the cornerstone of the NFL brand."   M.I.A.'s lawyer, Howard King, also weighed in on the matter.  He has stated that the NFL's "claimed reputation for wholesomeness is light of the weekly felonies committed by its stars, the bounties placed by coaches on opposing players, the homophobic and racist comments uttered by its players, the complete disregard for the health of players and the premature deaths that have resulted from same, and the raping of public entities ready to sacrifice public funds to attract teams."

M.I.A. has also come on record saying that the sexually provocative dance moves of the underage women in the performance were more offensive than what she did.  In a You Tube video, she stated that the lawsuit is a "massive waste of time, it's a waste of money.  It's a massive display of powerful corporation d--k shaking...They say it's OK for me to promote being sexually exploited as a female than to display female empowerment through being punk rock.  That's what it boils down to and I'm being sued for it."

Interestingly enough, the FCC, the governing body of the broadcasting world, is not seeking to punish the British/Sri Lankan musician.  If the FCC is not pursuing the matter, neither should the NFL.  The NFL is coming out of this situation looking petty and hypocritical.  I'm with M.I.A. on this one.

Written by Toni

Fox Sports: M.I.A. and NFL Lawsuit

M.I.A.'s Response: You Tube

Note: YouTube link includes finger gesture