Friday, October 4, 2013


OK, let's do this I been told that I really did not touch on the topic of  Aldon Smith and his drunken ways.
ALDON SMITH San Francisco 49ers  Linebacker
Here it goes, I do not know what action my 49ers team should have taken when one of their football players start acting like a fool getting drunk and smashing their car into a tree. Of course you give him another chance to clean up his act, you would show the same kindness if it was your child.  On other hand maybe you're just tried, tired, tried of another player sorry accuse.  When they first get in trouble with the cops, drugs or in some case, shooting someone.  Once the team find out  they  just pushes it under the rug, instead of taking action right way, they wait until something serious goes wrong like death..then they really want to do something about it.  However punishment still to not come, they find every-way to keep their golden goose on the team especially if they making money for them.
You do not have to hold your breath for long "wait for it" a statement and a PSA commercial for AAA, MADD, or any organize that will help clean up their images. Now I listen to Aldon Smith "I'm sorry" statement and it sounded like he is truly sorry but sorry do not kill the pain. The world just have to wait until he show his ass off again. However the 49ers did take action and got him some treatment. I hope he stays out of trouble.

  The 49ers announced that they have sign OB John Skelton to a one year deal . Skelton was originally selected by Arizona Cardinals the fifth round  2010 draft. Let's listen to what Jim Harbaugh had to say about the the release of QB  BJ Daniels to the move of bringing in QB John Sketon in and we all can know why the move was made.



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