Friday, March 28, 2014


Let's start it off.... everyone is talking about it except the fans, Dean Blandino NFL officiator said that
starting this season, if you dunk the football over the goal post you will be penalized, as well as if you have a celebration dance. Balndino believes that when a football players celebrate a play by using the goal post as a basketball hoop, it is a foul.  He told the Dan Patrick show that beside all of the new rules this season, that was grandfather in three years ago.  So, If a player score a touch down for their team, and if they dunk the football over the goal post, cross a bar, a chair or whatever props that is available to be use on the field, an official that is there enforcing existing rules can flagged you.
  Blandino also talked about the centralize review on the Patrick show, what that means is if there is a challenge on the field for a replay it will be sent to Blandino with his buddies in N.Y, they will be able to see the replay, review it and communicate it back by an ear piece with the referrers and the officials on what they think is right.  Now Blandino said, the Referees will have the last said on the replay.

Wow.... Do Blandino think that centralize review will be succinct?  I do not think so, it's going to take many mistakes to get a new systems in place to make it at lease feasible on game day, which is going to take up so much time, and money.   However Blandino feels that taking out the dunk is feasible.  I think that Blandino is trying to make a name for himself and trying to regulate the games to be boarding. This is Football Dean, where fans pay lots of bucks to sit in those seats, sometimes in extreme conditions, to be entertain by their favorite
players and teams, and it just might be a dunk that day to put a smile on face of a fan. 

This is what kills me, is the ones that can't play the game always got the most to say.  Stay in your lane Blandino and stop trying to regulate the game..... just because Bland is in the beginning of your last name dose not give you the right to make the games so bland.... leave that for your food.

Jae Michael KPFA

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