Sunday, April 6, 2014

Blogging the A's: Some Preliminaries

Hi, C.S. here, with my inaugural post about the Oakland Athletics' 2014 season, which began last Monday. Today (Sunday) I made my first-ever visit to the press box at the Coliseum, from where I watched the A's beat the Seattle Mariners 6-3.

My emphasis in this forum will be on sports, not politics. Why? Because my focus, as co-host of KPFA's Against the Grain, is and always has been intensely political, and I see this new gig as very different, as a chance to follow the ups and downs of one baseball club -- one that, by the way, I've followed obsessively for a quarter-century -- as it grinds its way through the six-month marathon that is the regular season.

I won't post every day, nor will I (or can I) attend every home game, but I'll try to post fairly regularly with my thoughts and impressions, some hopefully interesting analysis, and the insights of players and managers I interact with (once I'm granted clubhouse access, which will hopefully happen soon).

My thoughts on Sunday's game? Stay tuned . . . .

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