Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A's Struggles; Fuld's Approach

With today's loss to the Angels, Oakland has lost 14 of 22 games in September. Since August 10, the A's have gone 14-28; they've won a grand total of two series since August 28. So where's the turnaround we've all been expecting for the last month? Time is running short -- and fortunately, it's quite a bit shorter for the Seattle Mariners, who've lost five straight and have a lot of ground (three games) to make up in a mere four days.

Sam Fuld is an intriguing character; he's one of two Stanford alums (the other being Jed Lowry) and one of two Jewish players (Nate Freiman is the other) on the A's roster. And, oh yeah, he's a type 1 diabetic. While Fuld is hitting only .178 this month, he's driven in ten runs, and he's made a number of fine plays in the field. After Fuld spoke with me recently in the A's clubhouse, I put together this report (press the play button):

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