Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Two Dingers Are Better Than One

What's new? Certainly not Felix Hernandez pitching Seattle to a victory over the Oakland A's. The 28-year-old Venezuelan is dinero at the Coliseum: the last time he took a losing decision in Oakland was and I find this both astonishing and deeply disturbing – September 19, 2008. Forget Lester and Samardzija; if the A's can somehow lure King Felix away from the Mariners, they could apparently cakewalk their way to a title. And, oh yeah, the A's lost today's game 2-1.

Much of the proceedings can be boiled down to a three-minute, three-pitch sequence in the seventh inning. With the up-till-then brilliant Jon Lester on the mound, the sequence went as follows: home run to right (by Kyle Seager); strike (to Corey Hart); home run to left (by Hart). A one-run deficit was thereby turned into a 2-1 lead, which held. Three minutes can ruin your entire day – or at least sully a key three-game September series.

The pitch to Hart didn't look bad; it was low and away. After the game, A's catcher Derek Norris said, “I think [Hart] just kind of guessed, because he hadn't really looked good all day long, and he just swung at a spot and made contact." Adam Dunn made good contact in the fourth, launching his second round-tripper in three days, his first three days with the Athletics.

Jed Lowrie, in his third game back from a stint on the DL with a fractured finger, went one for three with an error. I recently spoke with the A's shortstop and prepared this report:

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