Wednesday, October 15, 2014

For 8 weeks now there have been conversations going around in the NFL about domestic abuse cases. Football players getting arrested, some have been kicked out of  the National Football League.  The NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, got on national T V and said he is cleaning out his house and the league will not tolerate domestic abuse and some of it is rightfully so.  

Ray Rice KO his woman in the elevator of a hotel and try to drag her cold limp body out of the doors and it was all caught on tape, but in the case of Adrian Peterson, he has been suspended from all Vikings activities since his indictment on the accusation that he took a switch off a tree and spanked his four year old son with it.
When do we draw the line  from child abuse and discipline. This whole Peterson issue has extended  above the sports arena and everyone and their mother is talking about it.  Adrian Peterson told police he grabbed a tree branch, removed the leaves and whipped his son so many times he lost count -- and what it means not just for Adrian Peterson, but for us. Because some of our parents punished us with switches, belts or even using their hands, we were spanked and we spanked. How far is too far when we stop using our hands and start using objects such as a gun or an iron cord. Dose it mean,  if our child steals from a store we give them time out and  have a stern talk with them. Will that build character and give them a chance to take responsibility for their own actions, or would they remember that spanking every time they sit down for the next two weeks.
It's has been know in the African American communities that this  is the condition that we are use to  when it comes to disciplining our children. However there are African American leaders speaking out, saying it was wrong back then and its wrong now, that this  oes across all racial lines, ethnicity, religious backgrounds, and it has been passed on to us from slavery to handle difficult situations by whipping people, and we need to put an end to it.
Is  Ariana Peterson  wrong for hitting his 4 year old child with a stick, I may have to agree with it just a little.  The child is four years old and I know children's understanding of things in today's world is far greater than when we were growing up, but the child is four years old, it can be intimidating for a big human-being like Adrian standing over a 4 year old with a stick in his hands ready to chastise him. It probably looked like a tree to the kid and if Peterson is wrong than maybe the NFL is wrong as well  for trying to parent another human-being child. 
 Where is it written in NFL hand book that your employer has the right to get in your family  issues and raise your children the way they see fit. Adrian Peterson has his hands full from the death from his two year old son at the hands of his  ex-girlfriend's boyfriend and now this. Wow, this man can not catch a break. The question should be what is  the mother of the children doing about all of this. I think the best way to handle this situation is for Adrian Peterson to get some real help in dealing with his issues of the lost son two years ago and the disciplined action of his 4 year old child and  to make amends to get his life back on track.

 Good Luck Peterson

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