Thursday, February 5, 2015

Why Are The GS Warriors So Good?

In a few days the NBA will come to its unofficial midway point of the 2014-15 Season, which gives us a great time to answer one of the most perplexing questions that has baffled NBA fans around the world, and maybe a few unbiased GS Warriors fans.  Last year  “The Dubs” finished the year with a 51-31 record, and they made the playoffs for the second consecutive year.  However, after the Warriors fell the LA Clippers in 7 games in the opening round of the 2014 playoffs, at the end of the season it was clear that Joe Lacob the ubiquitous owner of the GSW wanted to go in a different direction with his head coach. 

 Therefore, in the amount of time that it takes John Boehner to hope on a tanning bed for a touch up, Lacob fired Mark Jackson, and hired 5 time NBA Champion Steve Kerr as Head Coach, to the tune of a reported 5 Yr. 25 Million Dollar Deal.  Thus far Joe Lacob looks like a genius, because the Warriors have been the best team in the NBA at the All-Star Break.  The Warriors have an NBA best 39-8 record, and at times they are so good it’s boring. 

 On a few occasions watching “Golden St.” play, amounted to, watching the Harlem Globetrotters play the Washington Generals, because the games were so lopsided. Many of the games have essentially been over in the first quarter, and even the most casual basketball fan can discern, that the Warriors are playing on a different level on most nights this year. 

 Nevertheless, the “eye test” in and of itself doesn’t answer the question of why the GS Warriors are so good this year.  For that answer you have to look no further than their league leading team assists ranking, the GS Warriors average 27.2 assists per game, compared to their opponents nightly total of 20.00 per game.  This means that the Warriors are potentially outscoring their opponents by a minimum of 14 points per contest.  To add further context to why assists are so important to the overall success of the team, one needs to only envision all five players moving in unison as one entity.  This action creates scoring opportunities for all 5 players, and it implies a selfless mentality on the team, that presumably manifests itself on and off the basketball court.

Also, the underlining message that the Warriors are sending the rest of the NBA with their style of play, is that they are playing a smarter and more cerebral brand of basketball that not only shows up on the scoreboard, and in the box scores, but it is also aesthetically pleasing to watch in person and on TV.  The sum up, the Golden St. Warriors have been more successful this year, because they are playing more unselfishly than last year’s team, which can partly be explained by having the best assist average per game compared to all other NBA teams.  Nevertheless, it’s a long way to the finish line, and only time will tell, if the Warriors can sustain their excellent level of play, for the rest of the season on into the playoffs.  

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