Friday, March 11, 2016

Let’s explore the issues of one of the two most sexiest people alive today not having sex, Russell Wilson, Ciara, Russell said that  God Asked Me to "  I need you to lead her". It was reported that Russell and God had a conversation and it went like this. "And I was like, ‘Really? Right now?’ And he goes, ‘No, I want you and need you to lead her. And I asked her, ‘What would you do if we took all that extra stuff off the table? And just did it Jesus’ way?’ When the host of the Talk show asked Wilson to clarify what he meant by the “extra stuff,” the football star admitted, “Yeah, we’re talking about sex… Can we love each other without that? 

Russell Wilson, Ciara,
 Now, I'm all for having a religion and keeping your faith intact and "if you like it, I love it".  My concern; is how come when people said that they heard a voice from God telling them what do it is never the things that is logical, like when John Frusciante (Guitarist, ex Red Hot Chili ) said the voice in his head are telling him bad things and what to do.  Not to say that one my favored Quarter Back, Russell is crazy like that, not by far, (Thank you Jesus).  Because clearly Frusciante was on lot's of drugs. 

John Frusciante
Why didn't the voices tell Frusciante  to get help, go to the doctor it is always something that not right. Now, I'm not saying that God did or  not tell Wilson, not to have sex with Ciara and to lead her, but we’re off a cliff. Why God didn't tell him to marry her, immediately before someone else but a ring on it.  Then  right now as we speak those two would be rolling in the sack and making beautiful  babies and we would not be hearing backlash from the peanut gallery. Wilson also elaborates that, about the plan he felt that God had for them as a couple.  And said knew that "God had brought me in her life to bless her and for her to bless me,” he said. “We’re not going to be perfect, by any means. But his anointed, both of us and he’s calling for us to do something special"  "God should have been talking to him about not listening to Carroll during Super Bowl XLVIII and throw the ball to Marshawn Lynch, but digress".  He could have meant for you to lead her to a man of God (A preacher) okay.   I don't get it. If you feel that you want to wait to have sex for a reason or another that's all good.  I love God and with all my heart, but he gives me great instinct and I usually follow them  however he does not talk to me.  Russell no offense, but if you heard voices in your head, neither you have CTE or schizophrenic and  you made want to get that checked out. I “just saying”.  
The Peanut Galley:

Now  Khloe Kardashian weight on in this  and this what she said on her show "keeping Up With Kardashian ". She suggested that Ciara and her NFL boyfriend "should be having sex" despite their commitment to remain celibate until marriage. With all due respect to Ciara, she has a baby. It’s not like we don’t know if she is a virgin or not, Kardashian, 31, told her guests Alec Mapa, Vivica A. Fox and Cassie.   And with all due respect  Khloe,  fall back you should be worrying about your crack headed man of a husband and how many unmarried and marry sex partner he had with other women while he was on the pipe. I do not think a woman with all of your marriage issues that you can give another couple  good advice, now, "you need Jesus,"  let’s be 100%  and the only reason why you are on TV because you do not have the talent to be on a real TV show or film only a reality show,  just keep showing off your skin and that too will get tired.

Good Luck Ciara and Russell







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